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MUSC Debit Card System

The MUSC Debit Card system is a cashless system that allows MUSC employees the freedom to purchase their meals with the quick swipe of their ID badge. MUSC employees are encouraged to use the system to make their meal purchases quicker and easier. The debit card can be used at any of the MUSC dining areas. To open your own debit card account, following these easy steps:

  1. Bring your ID badge to the Cafeteria Retail office (located at the entrance to the cafeteria).
  2. Put as much or as little cash into your account.
  3. Add more money to your account at any time by dropping a check in the Debit Card box located just outside the Cafeteria Retail office.

If you have questions about the MUSC Debit card system, contact Randy Teates, Retail Manager at 843-792-4558 or


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