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New Approach to Wellness

As part of a strong commitment to health and wellness, Sodexo is introducing an exciting new approach to wellness called "Mindful by Sodexo" in the new year.  As part of the development process, MUSC has been selected to receive a "sneak peek" of this exciting initiative for a 4 week trial period (10/15/12 - 11/09/12).

MUSC employees will be offered the chance to validate and provide feedback on 10 new menu items developed jointly by the executive chefs and dietitians from all Sodexo divisions in North America. These 10 items will be part of an extensive collection of hundreds of healthful new items that will be available in the new year as part of Mindful.

Customers will be made aware that it is a temporary trial period and their feedback will be solicited via customer comment cards.  During the first two weeks of the trial, they will receive free samples of a new "Mindful" item daily, and will hopefully select that items as part of their meal.  During the second two weeks, items will again be offered as part of the daily menu.  Customers will be encouraged to provide comments on the recipes.

Recipes Featured:

Week I:
Monday       (10/15)             Turkey Chili
Tuesday       (10/16)            Margherita Pizza
Wednesday (10/17)             Grilled Chicken Parmesan
Thursday     (10/18)             Thai Beef Salad
Friday         (10/19)             Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Week 2:
Monday      (10/22)            Lighthouse Clam Chowder
Tuesday      (10/23)            Bistro Turkey Burger
Wednesday (10/24)            Southwest Chicken Salad
Thursday    (10/25)             Apricot Rosemary Glazed Turkey
Friday        (10/26)              Twisted Beef Horseradish



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