Nutrition Services

nutrition services


 Mindful by Sodexo is a new innovative approach to healthy eating.  
The Mindful approach to healthy eating is filled with choices, satisfying flavors, full plates and healthy indulgence. 

Most people want good health but often struggle to make it a natural part of each day. The Mindful approach is about making healthy choices become second nature.

The  new Mindful by Sodexo program has replaced the previously used Wellness & You program.

Look for the green apple icon to help guide you to a healthier eating plan and lifestyle.   

Sodexo believes that when customers are presented with delicious healthy options and choose those foods on their own terms, they are more likely to enjoy them and realize the benefits that come along with a healthier lifestyle – and consequently more likely to repeat those good choices.

So, what does Mindful mean…

-          Variety of choices, more flavor, satisfying portions and healthy indulgence
-          Easy-to-understand nutritionals, visual ingredients, icons, and nutrition education at the point of purchase 
-          Reduced sodium, fewer calories, more fiber, no trans fat, less than 10% saturated fats, and low-fat cooking methods
-          Fresh herbs and spices to enhance flavors, more fruits, vegetables and whole grains


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