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Rainforest Coffee


What’s brewing at ART ?  Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee  

The ART cafeteria is brewing up a cup of coffee that’s mmm! mmm! good for you and for the environment! Traditional, forested coffee farms are havens for tropical wildlife and support the local economies in the tropics for more than 25 million people.  Newer farming systems, which involve the clearing of tropical forest and the heavy use of chemicals, have proven to be environmentally destructive and to produce economically unstable communities.

Rainforest certified sealCoffee with the rainforest alliance certification (just look for this little green frog) supports farmers learning to grow coffee using sustainable methods and provides farmers with leverage to enter a more global market. Currently, 1.3% of the world’s coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. To learn more about Rainforest Certified coffee as well as tea, fruit, cocoa and more, visit

To try a cup yourself, visit the ART cafeteria (hours are Monday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 7 PM).


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