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Sodexo's Sustainability Initiatives at MUSC



Sodexo Composts Food Waste

The University and ART cafeterias compost food waste from their kitchen operations. Food Waste Disposal collects the waste and takes it to Charleston County Bees Ferry composting facility. In the first year of composting, MUSC diverted 70 tons of food waste from the landfill for composting. Current  records are reported by MUSC’s Sustainability & Recycling department.      


Compostable Salad Containers and Hinged Containers

Compostable salad containers are used in the ART and University cafeterias.  These containers are made from 100% renewable, plant materials, a more sustainable source than petroleum, and our hinged containers are made from a blend of molded pulp fibers. In addition to lowering fossil fuel use and green house emissions, natural fibers offer more disposal options. 


Smart Stock Dispensing Systems

Smart Stock dispensing systems can help reduce usage (and waste!) by up to 25% and since each piece of cutlery is not individually wrapped, they reduce unnecessary packaging. Single pull napkins also prevent people from grabbing handfuls of paper that goes unused into the garbage.     


Sodexo Recycles

The cafeterias recycle cardboard, grease, plastic and steel cans from the kitchen. The MUSC paper recycling program was a finalist in the 2010 American Forest and Paper Association recycling award.  Current  records are reported by MUSC’s Sustainability & Recycling department. Customers can recycle plastic, aluminum, glass or steel cans by using the blue containers or at the recycling center in the cafeterias. 


Sodexo Encourages Reusable Mugs

It is estimated that 8 out of 10 bottles end up in landfills.  In an effort to reduce this number, Sodexo is promoting Eco-Reusable Mugs. When you bring in your own (clean) reusable cup, or mug, to the ART or University Cafeterias, you will receive a $0.25 discount on your purchase from any fountain soda, tea, coffee or juice.




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