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Sodexo's Sustainability Initiatives at MUSC



MUSC Recycles Day                  

Sodexo participated in MUSC’s celebration of America’s Recycle day highlighting our  sustainability efforts, including our reusable cup program, our compostable and recyclable food containers, flatware and napkins and Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan, our 14 commitments to a more sustainable future.

Walk for Water

Sodexo has participated in the annual Walk for Water. The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness about the global water crisis. The walk’s sponsor, Water Missions International, works to meet the safe water and sanitation needs in communities around the world, the cornerstone of good nutrition! During this event, participants carry a bucket filled with water approximately 3.5 miles to symbolize the trek that women and children make each day to collect water in developing countries.

Sodexo participated in the Charleston Green Business Challenge

Sodexo participated in the Charleston Green Business Challenge from July 2013 to June 2014. The goal of the GBC is to serve as a tool for local businesses to quantify the impacts of their operations in the following areas: energy consumption, water usage, waste generation, green and local purchasing, and healthiness of the workplace. Sodexo documented ways in which we made “green” improvements and at the end of the challenge year, our updated scores were documented to reflect our efforts and impact. Sodexo was recognized with an award presented by Mayor Joe Riley at the end of the year GBC Celebration. 


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