Among the more than 270 physicians from MUSC recognized in the 2012-2013 “Best Doctors” list by Best Doctors, Inc. 17 are members of the Neurosciences team.  Please join us in congratulating these physicians for providing our patients with outstanding care.

Bruce OvbiageleStrokeNeurology
David L. BachmanGeriatric NeurologyNeurology
David L. BachmanBehavioral NeurologyNeurology
Istvan (Steve) TakacsGeneral Neurological SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Jerome E. KurentGeneral Adult NeurologyNeurology
Jerome E. KurentGeriatric NeurologyNeurology
Jonathan C. EdwardsEpilepsyNeurology
Jonathan Jacob HalfordEpilepsyNeurology
Marc I. ChimowitzStrokeNeurology
Mark S. GeorgeEpilepsyNeurology
Paul Baker Pritchard IIIEpilepsyNeurology
Paul Baker Pritchard IIIGeneral Adult NeurologyNeurology
Robert J. AdamsStrokeNeurology
Robert P. TurnerNeurology, GeneralPediatric Specialist
Stephen L. KinsmanNeurology, GeneralPediatric Specialist
Sunil PatelCranial Nerve SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Sunil PatelGeneral Neurological SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Sunil PatelTumor SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Tanya N. TuranStrokeNeurology
Vanessa Karsch HinsonMovement DisordersNeurology
William Alex VandergriftBrainNeurological Surgery
William Alex VandergriftTumor SurgeryNeurological Surgery