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Date: Mar 2013

Please join the MUSC Neurosciences Service Line for their annual symposium.

The Neuroscience Symposium: Innovations in Neuroscience: Gateway to the Mind and Body will be held April 11-12, 2013 at MUSC.  Session topics include:  The Neuroscience Symposium: Innovations in Neuroscience: Gateway to the Mind and Body

  • Management of the Acute Stroke Patient
  • Spinal Cord Regeneration
  • The Role of Neurointerventional Radiology in the Spine Patient
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures in Spine Surgery
  • Role of EMS in Stroke and the SC Stroke Law
  • End of Life Care for the Neuroscience Patient
  • ALS and Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Vascular Distributions and Stroke Syndromes: Approach to the Patient Suffering Stroke
  • Acute Stroke: CT, CTA, CTP and Treatment Imaging
  • Stroke Rehab-Post-stroke Unilateral Spatial Neglect

Download the brochure and register today.

Among the more than 270 physicians from MUSC recognized in the 2012-2013 “Best Doctors” list by Best Doctors, Inc. 17 are members of the Neurosciences team.  Please join us in congratulating these physicians for providing our patients with outstanding care.

Bruce OvbiageleStrokeNeurology
David L. BachmanGeriatric NeurologyNeurology
David L. BachmanBehavioral NeurologyNeurology
Istvan (Steve) TakacsGeneral Neurological SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Jerome E. KurentGeneral Adult NeurologyNeurology
Jerome E. KurentGeriatric NeurologyNeurology
Jonathan C. EdwardsEpilepsyNeurology
Jonathan Jacob HalfordEpilepsyNeurology
Marc I. ChimowitzStrokeNeurology
Mark S. GeorgeEpilepsyNeurology
Paul Baker Pritchard IIIEpilepsyNeurology
Paul Baker Pritchard IIIGeneral Adult NeurologyNeurology
Robert J. AdamsStrokeNeurology
Robert P. TurnerNeurology, GeneralPediatric Specialist
Stephen L. KinsmanNeurology, GeneralPediatric Specialist
Sunil PatelCranial Nerve SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Sunil PatelGeneral Neurological SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Sunil PatelTumor SurgeryNeurological Surgery
Tanya N. TuranStrokeNeurology
Vanessa Karsch HinsonMovement DisordersNeurology
William Alex VandergriftBrainNeurological Surgery
William Alex VandergriftTumor SurgeryNeurological Surgery

Megan Peebles, a teenager from Columbia, SC hurt her back falling from a slide when she was 9 years old and suffered through four years of pain that kept her from participating in every day activities like sitting during classes or going to a movie. After being evaluated byDr. Bruce Frankel, director, of the MUSC Spine Center, Megan had a minimally invasive spinal surgery and is now able to live life to it’s fullest. Megan shared her story recently with News 4 Charleston. Click on the image below to watch the interview and if you have suffered from back and/or neck pain and would like to be evaluated for this procedure or other minimally invasive spine procedures available at MUSC, call us today at 943-792-1414 for an appointment.

Channel 4 news story on MUSC spine surgery patient


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