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Conditions Treated by the Spine Center Team

Spine Center services range from the relatively straightforward evaluation and  treatment of common conditions like herniated discs, neck pain and low back pain to complex management strategies for problems like spinal tumors, scoliosis and fractures.  Most spine problems can be treated without surgery.

Conditions and diseases treated by the MUSC spine experts include:

• Cavernous malformation
• Cervical Fusion Surgery
• Chiari malformation
• Degenerative spine disease
• Herniated discs
• Low back pain / neck pain
• Osteoporotic fractures
• Peripheral nerve injury
• Pinched nerves
• Scoliosis (deformity)
• Spinal stenosis
• Spine and spinal cord tumors
• Spine infection
• Spine trauma
• Spondylolisthesis (slipped spine)
• Stereotactic radiosurgery for spine tumors
• Vascular malformation

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