Dr. Herring in MUSC Neuromuscular Services

Neuromuscular Services

MUSC Neuromuscular Services

MUSC Neuromuscular Services addresses the complex diagnostic and support needs of children and adults with all types of nerve-muscle pathology, including:

Services are delivered to thousands of patients each year by a collaborative team of board-certified neurologists, neurologic nurses and neuromuscular technical staff specifically trained in the intricacies of this family of disorders. The clinics are supported by advanced lab technologies, rehabilitation facilities, after-care systems and social services.

In just one visit you can receive a comprehensive assessment series; experienced specialists will then refine the diagnosis and prepare therapy options. Since there are no known cures for many neuromuscular diseases, after treatable causes are ruled out therapeutics focus on remission or reduction of symptoms, genetic counseling and rehabilitation to achieve the highest quality of life — the ultimate goal of everything we do.


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