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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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General Health and Wellness

Brought to you by Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts encompass a wide range of general health issues. Topics from exercise recommendations to insect bites and infectious disease are covered by various clinicians.

45 Health Podcasts

Anesthesia: Consciousness During Surgery
Orin Guidry,M.D.
6:03 Min.

Anesthesia: The Five Components of General Anesthesia
Orin Guidry,M.D.
7:27 Min.

Autopsies: A Pathologist’s Explanation14:07 Min.

Blood Transfusion: Donating Blood9:29 Min.

Blood Transfusion: Receiving Blood9:10 Min.

Bug Bites: Symptoms and When to See the Doctor9:29 Min.

Child Safety: Driving Education May Prevent Accidents Among Teenagers 3:23 Min.

Childhood Obesity: Reducing Calories 1:00 Min.

Choking: Potential Hazards and Prevention4:10 Min.

Diet: High Content Processed Fats Linked to Shorter Lifespan 3:31 Min.

Disaster Relief: Avian Influenza
Eric Larson,M.D., FACEP, FAAEM
16:00 Min.

Disaster Relief: Planning at MUSC
Eric Larson,M.D., FACEP, FAAEM
11:45 Min.

Doctors Without Borders: First-Hand Account
C. Carolyn Thiedke,M.D.
10:35 Min.

Emergency Medicine: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 5:27 Min.

Family Medicine – Choosing the Right Doctor10:45 Min.

Forensic Pathology: An Overview
Nicholas Batalis,M.D.
9:04 Min.

Forensic Pathology: Autopsy
Nicholas Batalis,M.D.
9:55 Min.

Heparin: Prevention of Blood Clotting5:46 Min.

HIV/AIDS: Epidemiology
L. W. Preston Church,M.D., FACP
8:24 Min.

HIV/AIDS: Progress in Treatment
L. W. Preston Church,M.D., FACP
6:59 Min.

Infectious Disease: Nontuberculous Mycobacteria
L. W. Preston Church,M.D., FACP
12:00 Min.

Infectious Disease: Protection During Overseas Travel
J. Robert Cantey,M.D., FACP, FIDSA
7:09 Min.

Infectious Disease: Spread in Hospitals
J. Robert Cantey,M.D., FACP, FIDSA
6:24 Min.

Influenza: Recommendations for MUSC Students, Faculty and Staff
Michael Schmidt,Ph.D.
8:21 Min.

Influenza: Signs, Symptoms and Self Care
Michael Schmidt,Ph.D.
7:36 Min.

Longevity: Links with Stress Management and Sociability2:55 Min.

Medication: Issues to Think About When Taking Numerous Medications6:52 Min.

Mind and Body: Living Longer Linked to Gene Variations2:41 Min.

Minimally Invasive Surgery using a Robot
Andre Hebra,M.D., FACS, FAAP
11:14 Min.

MUSC Awarded AHRP Accreditation
Robert Malcolm,M.D.
7:04 Min.

MUSC Wellness Center Overview7:59 Min.

MUSC’s Healthy Charleston Challenge6:27 Min.

Nutrition: Myths of Weight Management
Tonya Turner,RD, LD
7:51 Min.

Nutrition: Recommendations for Weight Management
Tonya Turner,RD, LD
7:09 Min.

Nutrition: The Role of a Dietitian
Mary Basel,
6:31 Min.

Nutrition: Vegetarian Diet
Debbie Petitpain,MS, RD, LD
6:36 Min.

Pathology: The Role of a Pathologist10:03 Min.

Radon Exposure: An Overview of Radon and its Risks5:44 Min.

Sleep Disorders: Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
Michael Frye,M.D., FCCP
4:14 Min.

Sleep Disorders: Sleep Studies
Michael Frye,M.D., FCCP
6:02 Min.

Smoking: Differences between Men and Women
Karen Hartwell,M.D.
5:03 Min.

Spider Bites: Black Widow, Brown Widow and Brown Recluse Spider Bites7:25 Min.

The MUSC Wellness Center Summer Programs3:24 Min.

Tips for Getting Fit
Shane Woolf,M.D.
8:54 Min.

Vitamin D: Deficiency Among Americans
Carol Wagner,M.D., FAAP
8:23 Min.


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