Burn prevention for children

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Burn Prevention for Children




Guest:  Dr. Robert Cina – Department of Surgery

Host:  MUSC


Host:  The most likely place for a child to be burned is in the home.  Dr. Robert Cina of MUSC Children’s Hospital provides valuable insight on burn prevention for your child. 


Dr. Robert Cina:  Prevention, really, should focus on both the bathroom and the kitchen.  In the kitchen, a safe zone should be established around food preparation areas.  Also, attention should be given to the placement of hot foods and liquids on the dinner table because those, still, are usually hot enough to burn a child.


Host:  What is the most common age of children who present to the emergency department with burns?


Dr. Robert Cina:  Approximately, 64 percent of the children that we treat here, at MUSC, are younger than five years old.


Host:  Your child getting burned can be scary.  How should parents determine when to seek medical attention for their child?


Dr. Robert Cina:  If they see blistering of the skin, or the skin turns white, those patients should be evaluated.


For more information, visit www.muschealth.com/children.  This Kohl’s Take a Minute for Kids message is brought to you by MUSC Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s department store.  Remember, Kohl’s Cares for Kids.

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