ATV safety for children

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ATV Safety for Children




Guest:  Dr. Christian Streck – Department of Surgery, MUSC

Host:  MUSC


Host:  ostHHHhhhWhile ATVs can be fun for children to drive, it’s important to understand the potential dangers associated with their use.  ATV accidents account for a significant number of injuries in children, as explained by Dr. Christian Streck at MUSC. 


Dr. Christian Streck:  In South alone, we see over 500 children each year that are injured following ATV accidents.


Host:  Why are children so susceptible to ATV accidents?


Dr. Christian Streck:  Children lack the physical strength, motor coordination, perceptual and cognitive skills required to operate an ATV.  ATVs are very dangerous, and we don’t think children under age 16 should be able to ride them.  Helmets alone are not adequate protection.


Host:  Currently, South Carolina is in the working stages of legislation aimed at protecting children from ATV-related injuries.


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