Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

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Water Safety and Drowning Prevention




Guest:  Dr. James McElligottPediatrics, General Peds, MUSC

Host:  MUSC


Host:  During the summer months it’s especially important to remember water safety rules.  Dr. James McElligott of MUSC Children’s Hospital explains that drowning is a common problem and offers tips for protecting your child.


Dr. James McElligot:  Children can drown just about anywhere.  It’s common in your own backyard.  You also have to be careful in open water, with boating accidents.


Host:  What should be done if you see a child that appears to be drowning?


Dr. James McElligot:  The important thing to do is call for help, if needed, and throw something that floats.


Host:  It is very important to actively supervise your child near water.


Dr. James McElligot:  Small children can drown very quickly.  Drownings often occur when a parent is distracted by something for a moment.  Children should be taught how to swim starting at the age of four.  This is an extremely important lesson that they’ll have for the rest of their life.


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