Children's Health: Healthy Habits at Home

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Children's Health: Healthy Habits at Home




Guest:  Janet Carter – Dietetic Services, MUSC

Host:  Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatrist, MUSC


Dr. Linda Austin:  I’m Dr. Linda Austin.  Your child’s health habits begin at home.  Janet Carter, Registered Dietician at MUSC Children’s Hospital, offers some tips.


Janet Carter:  The best thing that parents can do for their kids is to be a good role model.  Show your kids that you enjoy eating healthy, that it’s good for your body, and then the kids will really want to emulate that.


Dr. Linda Austin:  Healthy living should be part of daily family life.


Janet Carter:  Families should really do their physical activity and their healthy eating together:  eating dinner at the table, going out for a walk.  It really makes it much more enjoyable. 


Dr. Linda Austin:  Don’t be afraid to set clear guidelines for your children.


Janet Carter:  The Children need to ask for permission to eat, or go into the refrigerator and get food.  These younger children, 5 and six, and seven years old, they should be asking their mom, or dad, if they can have something before they go and get it.


Dr. Linda Austin:  In other words, health starts at home.


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