The MUSC Wellness Center Summer Programs

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The MUSC Wellness Center Summer Programs




Guest:  Janis Newton – Education & Student Support/Student Wellness, MUSC

Host:  Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatry, MUSC


MUSC:  Janis Newton is Program Director at MUSC’s Wellness Center.  Janis, let’s talk about summer programs.  What’s going on at Wellness Center this summer?


Janis Newton:  Well, we have our tenth year for our summer camps for kids, from age 3 to 14, and they enjoy a variety of activities.  They swim every day.  They’re introduced to a variety of sports, as well as fitness activities.  We try to focus on education and wellness with the kids in our summer camps, as well as to just have a great time with them.  They all want to come back every week.


Dr. Linda Austin:  What is the age range of the camp sessions?


Janis Newton:  Typically, it’s from 5 to 14, but this year we are going to offer a little tots program, so we have a little preschool program for our summer camps.


Dr. Linda Austin:  And, how long are the sessions, a week, two weeks?


Janis Newton:  One week.  And you can repeat as many weeks as you want this summer.  We’ve, actually, already started.  So, we will be going on now through August, when school starts again.


Dr. Linda Austin:  Tell us some more about the specific programs.


Janis Newton:  Well, they have group activities.  They have tennis, racquetball, squash.  We even teach them a little martial arts; dance, basketball, volleyball.  We have indoor hockey for them, which always goes over big with the kids.  We teach them yoga.  And, believe it or not, the kids, really, sit very quietly.  They’re very responsive to yoga, and any fitness testing, and fitness class that we offer them.  We do agility and speed training.


And, one thing that I’m proud to offer in our camps is nutrition education.  We’ve got to start young.  So, we have a nutritionist come in every week, and they talk to the kids.  The kids that repeat camps, we actually have level 2 nutrition.  If they come for a second camp, they don’t have to sit and listen to the same nutrition lecture.  So, we try to educate, as well as offer them a fun and safe experience.


Dr. Linda Austin:  What time in the morning does camp start, and when does it end in the afternoon?


Janis Newton:  We have early morning drop-off.  Amy Leaphart is our camp director, and you can call her and arrange for an early drop-off.  But, from 9:00 to 5:00 are the typical hours.  They can do a half day, or a whole day.


Dr. Linda Austin:  It sounds fantastic.  Any special summer programs for grownups?


Janis Newton:  We are just finishing our Triathlon Training Program, which has been very successful.  We have the Charleston Sprint.  We try to keep the community fitness walks and runs that people can participate in.  And then we create programs and train people for those events.  So, beginners can feel comfortable.  We have running clinics.  And we’ll start a marathon-running clinic in July.  And then in August, we’ll start our Half Marathon running program.  So, there are walks and runs every weekend now, in Charleston, and we love for people to get involved, especially people that, maybe, it’s a little bit outside their comfort zone.  So, join one of our clinics, and we’ll help you feel comfortable getting out, joining in the triathlon programs in Charleston, or any fun walk or run.  A lot of people can challenge themselves and, maybe, do a half marathon, when they didn’t think they could.  So, stop by and do one of clinics and learn good running techniques, and how to train for these programs.


Dr. Linda Austin:  Janis, thanks so much.


Janis Newton:  Thank you.

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