Week 32 – Baby's Movements

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Hello. This is Dr. Mauldin and you’re now 32 weeks pregnancy. That’s great news!
Your baby now weighs between 3 ½ and 4 pounds. Babies will gain more than half of their birth weight between now and the time of delivery around your due date.
You should be monitoring your baby’s movements each day. Fetal movement counts – or kick counts – are the simplest thing you can do to know that your baby is healthy each day.  One method of doing kick counts is the following:
Choose a time of day when your baby is most active. This is often after a meal or in the evening. Then monitor how long it takes your baby to move 10 times - and by movement, I’m meaning a kick or a roll. Most babies will easily move more than 10 times very quickly. On average, 10 movements occur within 20 minutes, but if you’re unable to count 10 movements within the hour, then call your health care provider and let them know.
If there is good movement within that hour, you only have to monitor the movement once during the day. It is not necessary to monitor your baby’s movements every hour. Remember, you baby is going to have periods where he or she is sleeping throughout the day.
Some patients may have a condition that warrants extra monitoring of their baby during the pregnancy. In those cases, there are several tests that your doctor may use to check on the well-being of your baby during pregnancy.
If you are one of those patients requiring extra attention, you may have a non-stress test, or a biophysical profile.
A non-stress test – or NST – looks at your baby’s heart rate over a period of 20-40 minutes. A healthy baby’s heart rate will speed up as the baby moves around.
Another test that may be done is the biophysical profile. This test is done with ultrasound and looks at your baby’s movement and tone. We’ll also be watching the baby to see if he or she has any breathing movements and the amount of your amniotic fluid will be measured.
I hope you are doing well this week. I’ll talk to you soon.

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