Week 16 - When will I show?

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Hello. This is Dr. Mauldin. You are now 16 weeks pregnant.

This week, your baby weighs about 3 ounces and now is about 5 inches long. Remember that back at 12 weeks or just a month ago, the baby was only 2 inches long. So, the baby has been doing a lot of growing. It’s now able to move its arms and legs. The skin, which is covered by a fine fuzzy hair, is very thin and you can see the blood vessels running right underneath the skin.

Are you showing yet? This is a common question - particularly for 1st time moms.

At 16 weeks, your uterus is half-way between your pubic bone and your belly button. But while many women do not look pregnant to the un-knowing world, while others have already popped out.

If this is your second or third pregnancy, you will probably ‘show’ earlier than did previously. Remember, for most mothers, your abdominal muscles are a bit more lax and your uterus tilts forward more easily because the ligaments that hold it up have relaxed as well.

I hope you are doing well and I’ll talk to you next week.

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