Week 15 - Tips for the Father

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Hello. This is Dr. Mauldin. You’re in the 15th week of your pregnancy. It’s really an exciting time, isn’t it?

As I said last week, you are probably feeling much better than you were a month ago. Your energy level has improved. The nausea is gone. And you are sleeping better.

So… let’s think about the father of this baby for just a moment.  Having a baby is a family affair. The more informed and involved the father is during the pregnancy, the better the experience will be for you, your partner, and your new baby.

Fathers-to-be often need much of the same support and encouragement that you are receiving.  

  • Upon learning that they are going to have a baby, many men will immediately wonder or worry about whether they will be able to support a family – both financially and emotionally.
  • They will also worry about whether they too will be able to tolerate labor – meaning will they get queasy? Or will they faint? In actuality and thank goodness, very few fathers have ever done either.
  • Finally, many men know very little about what happens when you visit the OBGYN, not to mention a hospital or labor and delivery suite.

Tell him things you’ve read or learned about being pregnant. Explain what you are feeling – what it’s like to feel the baby kicking and rolling. If he doesn’t go to your prenatal visits with you, fill him in on all the details when you see him the next time. Enroll in a childbirth class together, so that both of you can get an idea of what the delivery will be like.

And then, when you are in the 3rd trimester, schedule a time to visit Labor and Delivery together. I bet it will put you both at ease. 

I hope you are doing well. I’ll talk to you in a week.

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