Week 11 - Exercise

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Hello. This is Dr. Mauldin. You are now 11 weeks pregnant.

As I’ve mentioned before, most patients will begin to feel better within the next few weeks.  As you get back to feeling a bit more normal, you should think about exercising for at least 30 minutes on most, if not every single day. Exercise will keep you more fit and really give you the ability to better tolerate the ups and downs of pregnancy and perhaps even tolerate the pain of labor more easily.

Walking is good exercise for everyone. It’s easy on the joints and muscles and if you were not active prior to pregnancy, walking is a great way to start exercising.

Swimming is another good option. It works many muscles and can really give you a total body workout. While swimming, you’re more likely to avoid injury and muscle strain because the water is supporting your weight.
Many women like aerobics and you can certainly keep that up for a good part of the pregnancy. As you get farther along and begin to feel a little more off balance, look into the low impact classes designed especially for pregnant women. 

Women with a risk of preterm labor, vaginal bleeding, or premature rupture of membranes should not exercise during pregnancy.  So, of course, before beginning your exercise program, speak with your doctor to make sure that you do not have one of these conditions or another where exercise is not advised.

I hope you are doing well and I’ll talk to you in a week.

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