Common Signs and Symptoms of Asthma in Children

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Guest:  Dr. Ronald Teufel – Pediatrics

Host:  Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatry

Dr. Linda Austin:  Asthma is a very common childhood illness that often presents very subtly.  Dr. Ron Teufel of MUSC Children’s Hospital describes the symptoms of asthma.

Dr. Ron Teufel:  Commonly, children present with cough, shortness of breath.  Sometimes, it’s just a child who coughs after they’ve been running.  One of the more common ways that children can present is coughing at night.  You notice that every night, before they go to bed, they’re coughing.

Dr. Linda Austin:  Dr. Teufel, if you had three pieces of advice to give to parents, what would you suggest?

Dr. Ron Teufel:  One: to be able to recognize signs and symptoms of asthma getting worse.  Two:  I would really emphasize the need to keep up with all the medications.  And, three: I strongly believe that a good doctor-patient relationship can help.

If you think your child has asthma, talk to your pediatrician.  For more information visit:   HYPERLINK "" is brought to you by MUSC Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s department stores.  

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