Helmet Safety and Accident Prevention

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Helmet Safety and Accident Prevention




Guest:  Dr. Keith Borg – Emergency Medicine / MUSC Children’s Hospital

Host:  Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatry


Dr. Linda Austin:  Every year, over a quarter of a million American kids are treated for bicycle accidents and over half of those hospitalized have traumatic brain injury. 


Dr. Keith Borg:  The brain’s not injured like other tissues in the body so, besides the injury you get with the initial hit, you get significant problems with the swelling and you can have devastating brain injury with that.


Dr. Linda Austin:  To prevent brain injury, always wear your bike helmet and wear it correctly.


Dr. Keith Borg:  First, you want to start with a certified helmet.  Next, you want to make sure it fits you.  You’ve got to make sure it fits snugly, but not too tight.  You want to make sure the straps come down below your ears and the buckle fastens underneath your chin.


Dr. Linda Austin:  And when should you start wearing that helmet?


Dr. Keith Borg:  As soon as they’re [kids] riding a bike, as soon as they’re getting out on the street, even in the driveway, you should wear a helmet.  Most of the injuries we see, actually, are from accidents that happen near and around the home.


Dr. Linda Austin:  For more information, visit www.muschealth.com/children.  I’m Dr. Linda Austin.  This is brought to you by MUSC Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s department store.  Remember, Kohl’s cares for kids.

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