Lap Band Patient Story: Segment 3

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Lap Band Patient Story: Segment 3


Guest: Beth Treado – Lap Band Patient

Host: Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatry

Dr. Linda Austin: Welcome to an MUSC Health Podcast. In this series, we’re following the experience of a very special young woman, Beth Treado, as she undergoes Lap Band surgery as the cornerstone of a weight loss program.

I’m Dr. Linda Austin. I’m with Beth Treado and we’re doing a series of podcasts, looking at Beth’s progress before and after her Lap Band procedure. It’ Tuesday now, you had your procedure yesterday. How are you feeling now?

Beth Treado: I actually feel pretty good. I’m up and moving around, going to the bathroom, walking, just ready to get on home.

Dr. Linda Austin: How was the surgery? Do you feel okay, or are you sore from the surgery?

Beth Treado: I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach but, other than that, I’m doing alright.

Dr. Linda Austin: How did you sleep last night?

Beth Treado: I did, lots of Benadryl.

Dr. Linda Austin: Lots of Benadryl?

Beth Treado: Yeah.

Dr. Linda Austin: Have you been able to eat or drink anything today?

Beth Treado: Uhm, I’ve had some broth, a protein shake and a little bit of Jell-O.

Dr. Linda Austin: What kind of diet are you supposed to be on over the next month? Are there special things that you have to eat or drink?

Beth Treado: I’ll be on a liquid diet for the next two weeks and after that, soft foods and pureed foods.

Dr. Linda Austin: Have you bought anything special that you have at home now, like protein shakes?

Beth Treado: We have definitely stocked the pantry, yes.

Dr. Linda Austin: So, you’ve been here, now, less than 24 hours, so it’s a pretty quick trip to the hospital. When is your next appointment with the doctor?

Beth Treado: I believe I go next week for a follow-up and then my first fill appointment will be in four weeks.

Dr. Linda Austin: Your first fill appointment? What’s that?

Beth Treado: I’ll go in and they’ll fill the band with saline, to cause restriction for food intake.

Dr. Linda Austin: It’s been great talking with you, Beth, and we’re really looking forward to seeing your progress over the next few months, and talking with you from time to time.

Beth Treado: Thank you.

Dr. Linda Austin: Good luck!

Beth Treado: Thanks!

For more information about the MUSC Bariatric Surgery program, you can call our Medu-line at: 792-2200, or long distance: (800) 9922-5250. Please remember that these podcasts are just about the experience of one person and are not meant to replace a conversation you should have with your own physician.

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