Lap Band Patient Story: Segment 2

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Lap Band Patient Story: Segment 2


Guest: Beth Treado – Lap-Band Surgery Patient

Host: Dr. Linda Austin – Psychiatry

Dr. Linda Austin: Welcome to an MUSC Health Podcast. In this series we are following the experience of a special young woman, Beth Treado, as she undergoes Lap-Band surgery as the cornerstone of a weight loss program.

This is Dr. Austin speaking and we are here on the fourth floor of the Medical University of South Carolina. It is a very special day today. It is June 25, 2007 and it is the big day for Beth Treado who, in about an hour, is going to be having her gastric banding procedure done.

Beth, what are you thinking about right now?

Beth Treado: Just ready to get it over with, and drink water.

Dr. Linda Austin: I bet you are. How was your weekend?

Beth Treado: It was great, very relaxing, got a lot of rest, had my final meal.

Dr. Linda Austin: So, yeah I was going to ask you, didn’t you have one big blowout before the operation?

Beth Treado: I think I had several.

Dr. Linda Austin: Did you?

Beth Treado: Yeah, definitely.

Dr. Linda Austin: Are there any foods that you had that you don’t anticipate getting to enjoy after the surgery? What have they told you about that?

Beth Treado: At this point I haven’t heard about any limitations. Of course, I’ll be on a liquid and soft foods diet for the next four weeks. So, definitely, that’s going to be an adjustment.

Dr. Linda Austin: And what have they told you about what it will feel like to get used to that?

Beth Treado: At this point, to be honest with you, I don’t feel like they’ve really told me very much about it. It’s very much a matter of me going into this and not really knowing what’s going on today and moving forth into tomorrow. I’m just going to be on a liquid diet so, at that point, I can’t imagine that it’s going to feel any different.

Dr. Linda Austin: Well, and one of the reasons that we’re doing this podcast is you’ll be able to tell us exactly what you’re going through and that will help other people who are listening to this. Did you sleep well last night or did you toss and turn?

Beth Treado: I did. I had to pull myself out of bed this morning so, yeah, very rested.

Dr. Linda Austin: Very exciting. Well, your mom and dad are here so I’d love to talk with them. Can you hand the phone over to your dad?

Beth Treado: Yep.

Dr. Linda Austin: Hello Dennis.

Dennis Treado: Hello. How are you?

Dr. Linda Austin: Fine, thank you. What are you thinking this morning as you’re here? What’s it like to be the dad of someone going in for a significant surgery?

Dennis Treado: Well, Beth’s been a little bit overweight most of her life and I think this will be really good for her. I’ve had a lot of health problems recently with diabetes and heart so I hope this will help her to not have those problems as she gets older because diabetes is in the family very much. I think this will help her a lot, to not be diabetic so early in life.

Dr. Linda Austin: So, among other things, you’re thinking about it from a health standpoint, that this may give her many more years of quality of life?

Dennis Treado: Yes.

Dr. Linda Austin: Well, I know you’re very excited for her. Any concerns? How did you work through your own concerns, or issues, or anxieties? You know, when you have an adult child, you can’t really go see the doctor and ask questions in the same way as if you have a young child.

Dennis Treado: Beth’s happy with it and I don’t have anxiety because she’s happy with it. I think she’ll do fine.

Dr. Linda Austin: Great. I know she’s going to do great. Kathy, I know that this is an exciting day for you too.

Kathy Treado: Well, it’s an exciting day but it’s a nervous day for the mom.

Dr. Linda Austin: Absolutely. It’s hard for anyone to go through surgery or to see their family member go through surgery and then it’s so exciting once it’s over.

Kathy Treado: Well, it’s going to be exciting to watch her go shopping because she loves to shop and we’ve already planned a trip to New York for her 25th birthday so we can do some special shopping, maybe, by then.

Dr. Linda Austin: Oh, how fun. Well, that will really be a thrill. Well, in a few minutes, we are about at, what, T-Minus 15 minutes or so? So, we’re getting ready to go. Thanks for talking with us.

Kathy Treado: I’ll take care of her.

Dr. Linda Austin: Absolutely. She’s in great hands. She’s going to do great. Well, thanks so much. We’ll be following her along really closely.

For more information about the MUSC Bariatric Surgery program, you can call our Medu-line at: 792-2200, or long distance: (800) 9922-5250. Please remember that these podcasts are just about the experience of one person and are not meant to replace a conversation you should have with your own physician.

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