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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Research and Clinical Trials

In the MUSC Research Podcast Library, you will hear world-famous scientific researchers at MUSC describe their studies and the remarkable progress made here in treating human illnesses. You will also hear podcasts voiced by study participants, everyday people who join doctors and scientists to advance medical treatment.

58 Health Podcasts

Addiction: Neurological Basis13:40 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: A Patient Shares Her Experience7:50 Min.

Cancerous Cells and the Aging Process 7:13 Min.

CDAP's Educational Programs
Raymond Anton,M.D.
5:23 Min.

CDAP: An overview of MUSC’s Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs
Raymond Anton,M.D.
6:03 Min.

Cerebral Atherosclerosis: Hardening of the Arteries of the Brain
Tanya Turan,M.D.
4:14 Min.

Chronic Inflammation and Cancer Research6:46 Min.

Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Grant Awarded to MUSC from NIH
Kathleen Brady,M.D., PHD
10:35 Min.

Clinical Trials on Pioglitazone
Dana King,M.D.
13:06 Min.

Clinical Trials: An Overview Explaining Clinical Trials7:30 Min.

Clinical Trials: Digestive Disease Clinical Trials6:42 Min.

Clinical Trials: Where to Find Published Quality Clinical Trial Results
Terrence O'Brien,M.D., M.S., FACC
6:53 Min.

Colorectal Cancer: Coping with Colorectal Cancer6:40 Min.

Depression: Epidural Prefrontal Cortical Stimulation
Ziad Nahas,M.D., MSCR
12:11 Min.

Depression: Collaborated Study of Epidural Prefrontal Cortical Stimulation
Istvan Takacs,M.D.
10:02 Min.

Developmental Disabilities and Kids with a History of Abuse
Eve Spratt,M.D., MSCR
8:25 Min.

Diabetes: Study using Otelixizumab for Type I Diabetes
Jeremy Soule,M.D.
9:05 Min.

Head and Neck Cancer: Clinical Trials in Recurrent Cancer
Terry Day,M.D.
5:54 Min.

Head and Neck Cancers: The MUSC Program and Clinical Trials
Anand Sharma,MBBS, DLO
5:44 Min.

Health Disparity Studies in South Carolina
Leonard Egede,M.D., M.S.
7:39 Min.

Hollings Cancer Center NCI Designation and Leadership
Jerry Reves,M.D.
7:44 Min.

HPV Oral Cancer and Cervical Cancer: A Study
M. Boyd Gillespie,M.D., MSc, Andrew Lawson,Ph.D.
6:24 Min.

Intracranial Stenosis: Stinting and Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Stroke
Tanya Turan,M.D.
4:55 Min.

Kidney Cancer: New Research and Clinical Trials
Harry Drabkin,M.D.
7:41 Min.

Kidney Transplant Medications: Using ramipril to control protein in urine6:16 Min.

Leukemia: Breakthrough Research Projects
Robert Stuart,M.D.
6:52 Min.

Leukemia: Clinical Trials with Dr. Rob Stuart
Robert Stuart,M.D.
6:48 Min.

Lupus: A Patient's Perspective10:07 Min.

Lupus: An Overview
Gary Gilkeson,M.D.
5:32 Min.

Lupus: Vitamin D – An Environmental Factor
Diane Kamen,M.D., MSCR
9:27 Min.

MUSC’s Hearing Research Program
Judy Dubno,Ph.D.
10:16 Min.

MUSC’s Simulation Center: The Making of a Model
John Schaefer,M.D.
6:02 Min.

MUSC’s Simulation Center: The Beginning
John Schaefer,M.D.
5:08 Min.

MUSC’s Simulation Center: The Future
John Schaefer,M.D.
5:29 Min.

National Science Foundation Research Award
Roger Markwald,Ph.D.
6:31 Min.

National Standard for Normal Fetal Growth Study
Roger Newman,M.D.
8:28 Min.

Neuroscience at MUSC: An Overview
Sunil Patel,M.D.
7:03 Min.

Obesity: A Clinical Trial observing the use of Pedometers8:20 Min.

OBGYN Research Developments at MUSC
Roger Newman,M.D.
5:44 Min.

PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science Program Overview
Bonnie Martin-Harris,PHD
7:52 Min.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Role of Genetics8:31 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists: Clinical Trials at MUSC
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
4:45 Min.

Quadriplegia: A Study about Videoconferencing Oral Hygiene Training
Hon K. Yuen,PhD, OTR/L
6:42 Min.

Quality of Care at MUSC8:07 Min.

Research at Hollings Cancer Center6:30 Min.

Research in Gene Therapy 8:15 Min.

Research in Neuroscience at MUSC: An Overview8:20 Min.

Research on Lipid Molecules8:59 Min.

Research Opportunities for MUSC Students5:07 Min.

SCTR: Applying Research to the Clinical Setting
Kathleen Brady,M.D., PHD
7:24 Min.

SCTR: Southern Consortium of the Clinical Trials Network
Kathleen Brady,M.D., PHD
6:35 Min.

Sickle Cell and the Influence of Chronic Therapies on Bone Mineral Density5:02 Min.

Smoking Study: Smoking Cessation and the Effects of Varenicline
Karen Hartwell,M.D.
7:03 Min.

Social Anxiety Disorder and Phased Treatment
Sarah Book,M.D.
7:01 Min.

Stenosis of the Brain: The Narrowing of the Brain’s Arteries
Tanya Turan,M.D.
2:44 Min.

The Role of a Biostatistician in a University Setting
Andrew Lawson,Ph.D.
9:20 Min.

Throat Cancer: A Patient Shares his Experiences at MUSC6:54 Min.

TMS Effects on Pain and Depression in Patients with Fibromyalgia
E. Baron Short,M.D.
7:26 Min.


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