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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina these podcasts present information related to pregnancy and childbirth. Listen to MUSC doctors discuss breast feeding, miscarriage, and fetal ultrasounds, among other topics.

34 Health Podcasts

Anesthesia: Pain Relief During Labor
Latha Hebbar,MBBS, M.D., FRCA, FFARSC
11:57 Min.

Breast Feeding: Advantages for the Baby9:02 Min.

Breast Feeding: Breastfeeding Assistance Devices5:29 Min.

Breast Feeding: MUSC Lactation Consultants3:27 Min.

Breast Feeding: The Benefits of Breast Feeding8:40 Min.

Breast Feeding: Benefits and Guidelines
Carol Wagner,M.D., FAAP
11:07 Min.

Car Seat Safety1:00 Min.

Diabetes and Pregnancy: Links with Depression 3:27 Min.

Diabetes: Risk Factors during Pregnancy
Roger Newman,M.D.
7:40 Min.

Fetal Demise: Understanding Fetal Birth
Donna Johnson,M.D.
8:03 Min.

Genetic Counseling: Advice for Prospective Parents 5:25 Min.

Genetic Counseling: Delivering Bad News 8:47 Min.

Genetic Counseling: The Role of Genetic Counselors10:09 Min.

Heart Health: Links to Pregnancy and Delivery 3:15 Min.

How Smoking Affects Pregnancy
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
1:00 Min.

Infections: HIV in Children
Sandra Fowler,M.D., MSc
5:58 Min.

Infertility: Evaluation and Treatment of Female Infertility
John Schnorr,M.D.
12:30 Min.

Infertility: Evaluation of Couples with Infertility
John Schnorr,M.D.
10:27 Min.

Infertility: Female Factor Infertility and Donor Eggs
John Schnorr,M.D.
11:24 Min.

Maternal Fetal Medicine: An Overview
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
4:56 Min.

Miscarriage: Treating Cervical Insufficiency
David Soper,M.D.
3:42 Min.

National Standard for Normal Fetal Growth Study
Roger Newman,M.D.
8:28 Min.

Nutrition: Nursing Mothers and Proper Nutrition
Kristin Crady,
6:18 Min.

OBGYN Research Developments at MUSC
Roger Newman,M.D.
5:44 Min.

Preeclampsia: What is Preeclampsia
Donna Johnson,M.D.
7:01 Min.

Pregnancy: Dealing with Nausea and “Morning Sickness”
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
4:21 Min.

Pregnancy: Consumption of Fish3:08 Min.

Pregnancy: Dietary Counseling
Abby Van der Veer,
4:31 Min.

Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes and Dietary Guidelines
Abby Van der Veer,
4:03 Min.

Preterm Birth: Prevention Program and an Overview
Roger Newman,M.D.
10:11 Min.

Preterm Birth: The Prescription Medication 17-alpha Hydroxyprogesterone
Roger Newman,M.D.
7:27 Min.

Ultrasounds: An Overview of Fetal Ultrasounds
Donna Johnson,M.D.
11:24 Min.

Vitamin D: Research at MUSC
Carol Wagner,M.D., FAAP
7:28 Min.

Women's Health: Preterm Birth Risks Seldom Discussed2:07 Min.


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