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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Neurological Health

Brought to you by Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts offer information on health issues related to neurological functioning. A variety of clinicians discuss medical problems of the both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

59 Health Podcasts

Addiction: Neurological Basis13:40 Min.

Aneurysms: Neuroradiologic Treatment
Aquilla Turk,D.O.
11:43 Min.

Brain Tumor Program: An Overview of Brain Tumors
Sunil Patel,M.D.
9:25 Min.

Brain Tumor Surgery: Removing a Brain Tumor
Sunil Patel,M.D.
11:05 Min.

Brain Tumors: Minimally Invasive Removal
Sunil Patel,M.D.
10:44 Min.

Cardiac Arrest: Medically Induced Hypothermia to Spare Brain Tissue
Edward Jauch,M.D., M.S., FACEP, FAHA
7:45 Min.

Cerebral Atherosclerosis: Hardening of the Arteries of the Brain
Tanya Turan,M.D.
4:14 Min.

Chronic Draining Ear: A Significant Condition
Ted Meyer,M.D., PHD
4:23 Min.

Dementia: Links with Hypoglycemia 3:01 Min.

Epilepsy: Diagnosing Epilepsy
Jonathan Edwards,M.D.
9:26 Min.

Epilepsy: The MUSC Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Jonathan Edwards,M.D.
8:30 Min.

Epilepsy: Treatment Strategies for Epilepsy
Jonathan Edwards,M.D.
7:28 Min.

Epilepsy: Clinical Trials at MUSC
Jonathan Halford,M.D.
6:13 Min.

Facial Paralysis: Bell's Palsy
Ted Meyer,M.D., PHD
7:07 Min.

Intracranial Stenosis: Stinting and Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Stroke
Tanya Turan,M.D.
4:55 Min.

Migraine Headaches: Different Types of Migraines7:49 Min.

Migraine Headaches: Treatment for Migraines in Children12:11 Min.

Movement Disorders: Essential Tremor
Vanessa Hinson,M.D., PHD
7:29 Min.

Movement Disorders: Focal Dystonia
Vanessa Hinson,M.D., PHD
8:53 Min.

Movement Disorders: Generalized Dystonia
Vanessa Hinson,M.D., PHD
6:49 Min.

Neuroscience at MUSC: An Overview
Sunil Patel,M.D.
7:03 Min.

Neuroscience Research at MUSC: Opportunities for Students8:08 Min.

Neurosurgery: Arteriovenous Malformation Treatment
Raymond Turner,M.D.
7:44 Min.

Parkinson's Disease: Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment
Vicky Salak,MSN, FNP
10:27 Min.

Parkinson's Disease: Treatment by Deep Brain Stimulation
Vicky Salak,MSN, FNP
10:24 Min.

Pediatric Neurology: What is Pediatric Neurology?6:10 Min.

Peripheral Nerve: Neurofibrosarcoma and Rare Tumors
Abhay Varma,M.D.
3:05 Min.

Peripheral Nerve: Trauma and Surgery for Peripheral Nerves
Abhay Varma,M.D.
6:29 Min.

Peripheral Nerve: Tumors of the Peripheral Nerve
Abhay Varma,M.D.
7:10 Min.

Peripheral Nervous System: An Overview of the Peripheral Nerves
Abhay Varma,M.D.
7:14 Min.

Research in Neuroscience at MUSC: An Overview8:20 Min.

Seizure: What is a Seizure?
Jonathan Edwards,M.D.
6:03 Min.

Seizures in Children: Less Severe Seizures (Febrile Seizure)7:02 Min.

Seizures in Children: More Severe Seizures10:19 Min.

Seizures in Children: Ketogenic Diet 8:44 Min.

South Carolina Neurologists on Spine Surgery: Tumors of the Spine
Bruce Frankel,M.D.
5:13 Min.

South Carolina Stroke Specialist Explains a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
Aquilla Turk,D.O.
8:26 Min.

South Carolina Stroke Specialists Give an Overview of Ischemic Stroke
Raymond Turner,M.D.
7:33 Min.

South Carolina Stroke Specialists on Treatment of Acute Stroke
Aquilla Turk,D.O.
6:43 Min.

Spine Surgery: Vertebroplasty
Bruce Frankel,M.D.
9:10 Min.

Stenosis of the Brain: The Narrowing of the Brain’s Arteries
Tanya Turan,M.D.
2:44 Min.

Stroke Treatment Centers on Emergency Treatment
Edward Jauch,M.D., M.S., FACEP, FAHA
11:49 Min.

Stroke: Overview of Hemorrhagic Stroke and Ruptured Aneurysm
Raymond Turner,M.D.
9:04 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Cerebral Arteriogram 4:31 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Craniotomy5:59 Min.

Tests and Procedures: CT Scan of the Brain5:58 Min.

Tests and Procedures: CT Scan of the Spine3:34 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Electroencephalogram (EEG)0:00 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Electromyography (EMG)3:31 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Electronystagmography (ENG)3:00 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Endovascular Coiling 4:28 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Evoked Potentials Studies3:31 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Gamma Knife5:54 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Lumbar Puncture (LP)4:16 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Myelogram4:14 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)3:30 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan)6:45 Min.

Tests and Procedures: X-rays of Skull2:24 Min.

Vascular Problems at Stroke Treatment Centers: A Team Approach
Aquilla Turk,D.O.
8:15 Min.


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