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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Women's Health

Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these women's health podcasts deal with issues of women's health. Topics covered in these women’s health podcasts include contraception, cervical cancer, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and alternative therapies for hysterectomy.

64 Health Podcasts

Breast Cancer Program Screening: Digital Mammography
Thomas Pope,M.D.
14:46 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: A Patient Shares Her Experience7:50 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Mammography and Breast MRI
Megan Baker,M.D.
6:07 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Need for Early Risk Assessment3:08 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Surgical Treatment for Breast Cancer
Megan Baker,M.D.
15:44 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Swelling After Treatment 3:45 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: The Treatment Decision
David Cole,M.D.
10:08 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Treatment Options and Radiation
Joseph Jenrette,M.D.
10:51 Min.

Breast Cancer Risk Associated with Childhood Cancer Survivors 3:46 Min.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Side Effects of Radiation
Joseph Jenrette,M.D.
7:20 Min.

Breast Cancer: Racial Disparities9:38 Min.

Breast Health: Breast Cancer Treatment Hard to Complete for Some2:32 Min.

Breast Health: Self Breast Examination among Hispanic Women 2:46 Min.

Cancer: Links to Moderate Drinking Among Middle-Aged Women3:12 Min.

Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine
David Soper,M.D.
4:34 Min.

Contraception Options
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
5:18 Min.

Contraception Options - Spanish version
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
8:46 Min.

Contraception: Birth Control Options
David Soper,M.D.
6:01 Min.

Diabetes: Risk Factors during Pregnancy
Roger Newman,M.D.
7:40 Min.

Family Planning: Preparing for an IUD Insertion
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
4:04 Min.

Family Planning: Preparing for an IUD Insertion - Spanish version
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
4:34 Min.

Female Urinary Incontinence: Surgical Treatment for Women
Steven Swift,M.D.
11:15 Min.

Female Urinary Incontinence: An Overview10:15 Min.

Heart Health: Links to Pregnancy and Delivery 3:15 Min.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
David Soper,M.D.
5:50 Min.

How Smoking Affects Pregnancy
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
1:00 Min.

Hysterectomy: Alternative Options and Medical Therapy
David Soper,M.D.
3:57 Min.

Hysterectomy: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
David Soper,M.D.
4:56 Min.

Implanon Insertion
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
2:56 Min.

Implanon Insertion - Spanish
Angela Dempsey,M.D.
3:19 Min.

Interventional Radiology: Fibroids and Uterine Artery Embolization
J. Bayne Selby,M.D.
11:46 Min.

Maternal Fetal Medicine: An Overview
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
4:56 Min.

Miscarriage: Treating Cervical Insufficiency
David Soper,M.D.
3:42 Min.

Osteoporosis: Overview of Osteoporosis
Kathie Hermayer,M.D., M.S.
12:57 Min.

Pelvic Prolapse: Treatment Options for Pelvic Prolapse
Ross Rames,M.D.
6:59 Min.

Perineum: Proper Skincare of the Perineum area10:41 Min.

Pregnancy: Dealing with Nausea and “Morning Sickness”
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
4:21 Min.

South Carolina Breast Cancer Centers: High Risk Screening
Megan Baker,M.D.
8:34 Min.

STD: Overview of Chlamydia
David Soper,M.D.
4:18 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Amniocentesis6:01 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Breast Biopsy4:34 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Breast Scan3:20 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Breast Ultrasound2:35 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Cervical Biopsy4:10 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Cesarean Delivery7:01 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)3:52 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Colposcopy4:29 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Dilation and Curettage (D and C)7:47 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Endometrial Ablation4:44 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Endometrial Biopsy5:27 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Fetal Ultrasound2:40 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Heart Rate Monitoring of Fetus4:19 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Hysterectomy4:35 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Hysteroscopy3:47 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure3:23 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Lumpectomy3:55 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Mammogram5:57 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Mastectomy4:33 Min.

Tests and Procedures: PAP Test5:25 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Pelvic Ultrasound5:17 Min.

Tests and Procedures: Uterine Artery Embolization5:06 Min.

Urogenital Atrophy: Vaginal Health for Menopausal Women
Steven Swift,M.D.
8:06 Min.

Women's Health: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy3:41 Min.

Women's Health: Preterm Birth Risks Seldom Discussed2:07 Min.


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