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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Alcohol and Drug Dependency

Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts deal with issues of alcohol and drug dependency. Topics including the latest alcoholism treatments and marijuana abuse and treatment.

29 Health Podcasts

Addiction to Antianxiety Medication: Benzodiazepines
Robert Mallin,M.D.
8:05 Min.

Addiction: Neurological Basis13:40 Min.

Alcohol: How does it Affect the Heart and Brain?
Sarah Book,M.D.
3:13 Min.

Alcohol: Medications for Alcoholism
Sarah Book,M.D.
3:37 Min.

Alcohol: Trauma Related Injuries
Keith Borg,M.D., PHD, FACEP
4:36 Min.

Alcohol: Types of Psychotherapy to Treat Alcoholism
Sarah Book,M.D.
4:35 Min.

Alcohol: Damaging Effects on the Liver and Blood Cells
Sarah Book,M.D.
4:42 Min.

Alcohol: Relationship Between Stress and Drinking
Sarah Book,M.D.
5:34 Min.

Alcoholism: Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin Test Part 1
Raymond Anton,M.D.
8:47 Min.

Alcoholism: Genetic Variance and Different Treatment Outcomes
Raymond Anton,M.D.
7:28 Min.

Alcoholism: Hypertensive Effects of Heavy Drinking7:54 Min.

Alcoholism: Links to Insomnia
Robert Malcolm,M.D.
6:16 Min.

Alcoholism: Use of Naltrexone
Raymond Anton,M.D.
6:19 Min.

Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy
Jill Mauldin,M.D.
1:01 Min.

Cancer: Links to Moderate Drinking Among Middle-Aged Women3:12 Min.

CDAP's Educational Programs
Raymond Anton,M.D.
5:23 Min.

CDAP: An overview of MUSC’s Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs
Raymond Anton,M.D.
6:03 Min.

Clinical Trials at MUSC: Institutional Review Board6:58 Min.

Marijuana: Abuse and Treatment Among Adolescents9:20 Min.

Marijuana: Adolescent use of Marijuana9:11 Min.

Narcotic Addiction: Addictive Potential of Pain Medications
Robert Mallin,M.D.
6:49 Min.

Narcotic Addiction: Narcotics for Pain Control
Robert Mallin,M.D.
8:01 Min.

Narcotic Addiction: Treatment of Narcotic Addiction
Robert Mallin,M.D.
6:26 Min.

Pain Medication: Using a Contract to Deter Addiction
Robert Mallin,M.D.
4:12 Min.

Psychiatric Problems: Visiting a Family Medicine Doctor
John Freedy,M.D.
9:05 Min.

Smoking Study: Smoking Cessation and the Effects of Varenicline
Karen Hartwell,M.D.
7:03 Min.

Stimulants: Use Among Young People
Robert Malcolm,M.D.
6:37 Min.

Substance Abuse: Stress and Alcohol Addiction8:04 Min.

Substance Abuse: The Disease of Addiction11:21 Min.


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