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MUSC Health Audio Podcasts
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Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these cancer podcasts are interviews with MUSC cancer surgeons and cancer survivors. These cancer podcasts cover skin cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer and more.

92 Health Podcasts

Bladder Cancer Treatment Options
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
9:26 Min.

Bladder Cancer: Typical Symptoms and Test Procedures
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
6:25 Min.

Bone Marrow Transplant Program: Allogeneic Procedure
Michelle Hudspeth,M.D.
10:33 Min.

Bone Marrow Transplant Program: Autologous Procedure
Michelle Hudspeth,M.D.
6:08 Min.

Breast Cancer Program Screening: Digital Mammography
Thomas Pope,M.D.
14:46 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: A Patient Shares Her Experience7:50 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Mammography and Breast MRI
Megan Baker,M.D.
6:07 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Need for Early Risk Assessment3:08 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Surgical Treatment for Breast Cancer
Megan Baker,M.D.
15:44 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Swelling After Treatment 3:45 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: The Treatment Decision
David Cole,M.D.
10:08 Min.

Breast Cancer Program: Treatment Options and Radiation
Joseph Jenrette,M.D.
10:51 Min.

Breast Cancer Risk Associated with Childhood Cancer Survivors 3:46 Min.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Side Effects of Radiation
Joseph Jenrette,M.D.
7:20 Min.

Breast Cancer: Racial Disparities9:38 Min.

Breast Health: Breast Cancer Treatment Hard to Complete for Some2:32 Min.

Breast Health: Self Breast Examination among Hispanic Women 2:46 Min.

Cancer Survivorship: Coping After Chemotherapy
Cindy Carter,PHD
7:44 Min.

Cancer Survivorship: Physical Activity and Dragon Boating
Cindy Carter,PHD
8:13 Min.

Cancer Survivorship: Response to Diagnosis
Cindy Carter,PHD
8:13 Min.

Cancer: Head and Neck Screening Day
Terry Day,M.D.
4:38 Min.

Cancer: Racial Disparity of Outcomes in SC5:11 Min.

Cancer: Dr. Rob Stuart's Inspiring Story of Survival
Robert Stuart,M.D.
9:14 Min.

Cancer: Links to Moderate Drinking Among Middle-Aged Women3:12 Min.

Cancer: Proper Nutrition11:52 Min.

Cancerous Cells and the Aging Process 7:13 Min.

Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine
David Soper,M.D.
4:34 Min.

Chronic Inflammation and Cancer Research6:46 Min.

Clinical Trials: An Overview Explaining Clinical Trials7:30 Min.

Clinical Trials: Digestive Disease Clinical Trials6:42 Min.

Colon Cancer: Prevention
Brenda Hoffman,M.D., FAGA, FASGE, FACG, FACP
3:33 Min.

Colon Cancer: The Diagnosis
Brenda Hoffman,M.D., FAGA, FASGE, FACG, FACP
7:12 Min.

Colon Cancer: Overview of Colon Cancer
Brenda Hoffman,M.D., FAGA, FASGE, FACG, FACP
8:46 Min.

Colonoscopy: What is a Colonoscopy?
Brenda Hoffman,M.D., FAGA, FASGE, FACG, FACP
7:43 Min.

Colorectal Cancer: Coping with Colorectal Cancer6:40 Min.

Cord Blood Transplant: Cord Blood Storage
Michelle Hudspeth,M.D.
5:32 Min.

Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery: An Innovative Procedure
Joshua Hornig,M.D., FRCS(C)
8:19 Min.

Head and Neck Cancer: Clinical Trials in Recurrent Cancer
Terry Day,M.D.
5:54 Min.

Head and Neck Cancer: Link with Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
M. Boyd Gillespie,M.D., MSc
9:01 Min.

Head and Neck Cancer: Yul Brenner Screening Day
M. Boyd Gillespie,M.D., MSc
4:07 Min.

Head and Neck Cancers: The MUSC Program and Clinical Trials
Anand Sharma,MBBS, DLO
5:44 Min.

Hollings Cancer Center NCI Designation and Leadership
Jerry Reves,M.D.
7:44 Min.

HPV Oral Cancer and Cervical Cancer: A Study
M. Boyd Gillespie,M.D., MSc, Andrew Lawson,Ph.D.
6:24 Min.

Kidney Cancer and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Stephen Savage,M.D.
10:48 Min.

Kidney Cancer: New Research and Clinical Trials
Harry Drabkin,M.D.
7:41 Min.

Kidney Cancer: Serious Cases of Kidney Cancer
Harry Drabkin,M.D.
10:02 Min.

Kidney Cancer: An Overview
Harry Drabkin,M.D.
5:59 Min.

Leukemia: Breakthrough Research Projects
Robert Stuart,M.D.
6:52 Min.

Leukemia: Clinical Trials with Dr. Rob Stuart
Robert Stuart,M.D.
6:48 Min.

Leukemia: Overview of Leukemia with Dr. Rob Stuart
Robert Stuart,M.D.
6:54 Min.

Liver Cancer: Radiologic Treatments
Renan Uflacker,M.D.
8:42 Min.

Liver Cancer: Conversation with a Liver Cancer Survivor
Renan Uflacker,M.D.
10:28 Min.

Living with Cancer - Attitude is Everything
Sally Hughes Smith,BA, Author
6:26 Min.

Living with Cancer – A Sense of Balance
Sally Hughes Smith,BA, Author
9:47 Min.

Living with Cancer – Relationships and Support Groups
Sally Hughes Smith,BA, Author
12:18 Min.

Lung Cancer: Radiological Diagnosis (Part 1)
James Ravenel,M.D.
14:00 Min.

Lung Cancer: Radiological Diagnosis (Part 2)
James Ravenel,M.D.
8:02 Min.

Lymphoma: Cancer in Children
David White,M.D.
5:01 Min.

Melanoma: Standard of Care
E. Ramsay Camp,M.D., FACS
7:32 Min.

Men’s Health: Gene Mutation and Genetic Testing3:14 Min.

Multiple Myeloma: An Overview
Robert Stuart,M.D.
7:21 Min.

Peripheral Nerve: Neurofibrosarcoma and Rare Tumors
Abhay Varma,M.D.
3:05 Min.

Peripheral Nerve: Tumors of the Peripheral Nerve
Abhay Varma,M.D.
7:10 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists on Brachytherapy
Harry Clarke,M.D., PHD
8:09 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists on Minimally Invasive Surgery
Stephen Savage,M.D.
11:03 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists on Minimally Invasive Surgery11:19 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists: An Overview of Prostate Cancer
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
8:22 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists: Clinical Trials at MUSC
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
4:45 Min.

Prostate Cancer Specialists: Cryosurgery
Harry Clarke,M.D., PHD
7:48 Min.

Prostate Cancer: Stress Management After Surgery 2:56 Min.

Prostate Cancer: Test for Aggressive Forms 3:08 Min.

Prostate Cancer: The Decision of Surgery
Harry Clarke,M.D., PHD
10:04 Min.

Prostate Cancer: Treatment of Prostate Cancer, Part I
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
6:50 Min.

Prostate Cancer: Treatment of Prostate Cancer, Part II
Thomas Keane,MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS
12:04 Min.

Quality of Care at MUSC8:07 Min.

Radiation Treatment for Cancer in Children
Joseph Jenrette,M.D.
9:16 Min.

Research at Hollings Cancer Center6:30 Min.

Research in Gene Therapy 8:15 Min.

Research on Lipid Molecules8:59 Min.

Salivary Gland Surgery – Minimizing Radiation
Joshua Hornig,M.D., FRCS(C)
4:17 Min.

Sinus: Overview of Sinus Tumors
Rodney Schlosser,M.D.
3:55 Min.

Skin Cancer: What is Basal Cell Carcinoma?
Bruce Thiers,M.D.
8:39 Min.

Skin Cancer: What is Melanoma?
Bruce Thiers,M.D.
6:21 Min.

Skin Cancer: What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?
Bruce Thiers,M.D.
6:55 Min.

South Carolina Breast Cancer Centers: High Risk Screening
Megan Baker,M.D.
8:34 Min.

South Carolina Neurologists on Spine Surgery: Tumors of the Spine
Bruce Frankel,M.D.
5:13 Min.

Throat Cancer: A Patient Shares his Experiences at MUSC6:54 Min.

Thyroid Cancer: Conversation with a Survivor
Terry Day,M.D.
6:52 Min.

Thyroid Cancer: The Diagnosis
Denise Carneiro-Pla,M.D., FACS
4:06 Min.

Thyroid Gland and Nodules: An Overview
Eric Lentsch,M.D.
13:16 Min.

Tomotherapy: Cutting Edge Radiation Technology at MUSC
Anand Sharma,MBBS, DLO
10:03 Min.

Tongue Cancer: Conversation with a Survivor
Terry Day,M.D.
6:58 Min.


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