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Musculoskeletal Institute

Sports Concussion Program

Charleston County School District

The Charleston County School District and the Sports Medicine Program at the Medical University of South Carolina are working together to proactively manage the cognitive functioning of our local student athletes.

Through the partnership of CCSD, MUSC, and Axon Sports, all student athletes participating in sports identified by the Charleston  County athletic director will complete a Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT).

The purpose of the CCAT is to establish and store a baseline of cognitive function. In the event your child sustains a suspected concussion or other traumatic brain injury (TBI), the Baseline results can be compared with your child’s performance on an Axon Sports After Injury test. This comparison helps to indicate any change in cognition and is an important tool in an overall concussion management program.

Results will be stored on a secure website and can be accessed for 15 years.  Neurologists in the Sports Medicine program at MUSC are available to provide After Injury comparison exams as well as a comprehensive neurological exam and treatment plans if needed.

Parent and Athletes:   Access Your Baseline Results

AXON Sports Partnership:

MUSC has partnered with Axon Sports for the delivery and storage  CAAT scores.  Please read  and/or download their terms of use and privacy policy below as well as review their web site for additional information.

Axon Sports Terms of Use

Axon Sports Privacy Policy


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