PRK Testimonial

“As a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps infantry, being able to see clearly at large distances is very important on many levels. A large portion of my job requires me to make decisions where every second counts.

Dr. Waring is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He took time to explain the procedure and why he decided to go with PRK over LASIK for me. He had a genuine excitement about the new technology they were bringing in, and took a lot of pride in getting strong results in our follow-ups. You can always tell what kind of work you will get from the enjoyment the craftsmen gets in creating it. It is needless to say, I knew I was in good hands by the enthusiasm Dr. Waring had in his job!

The entire staff at Magill Vision Center complements each other very well and was always pleasant to interact with. They were always available to answer any questions, always concerned about my comfort while waiting to be seen and very flexible with changing appointments if my schedule changed. They always seemed to recognize me, even it had been a month between follow-ups, and showed genuine interest in how I had been.

The nursing staff was very informative and knowledgeable as well. They were always nice, concerned for my wellbeing and extremely patient when they would have to do multiple readings of my eyes because I couldn't stop blinking. They had systems in place, so no matter which nurse/technician was helping me through the test, they knew exactly what had been done previously.

This is the first place I have seen where the administrators make an effort to be present for the procedures and make calls to ensure everything was going well. They seemed as excited to see their new equipment in action, as the surgeons were to use it. Mrs. Shawn Philips was great, and I am extremely grateful for her recommendations for the program. Alisa Brill was there every step of the way. She oversaw the entire process from start to finish, and checked up on my progress from time to time. She went above the call of duty to ensure everything was coordinated and that I was happy.

The actual procedure was quick and surprisingly painless. I had PRK, so the recovery was a bit longer than the LASIK, but I felt only mild discomfort for about four days. It was equivalent to having an eyelash in my eye that I couldn't get out. My vision was blurry and light sensitive for about a month, but it would gradually get better every three days. It has been about a month and a half since the surgery, and I can't describe the difference in my vision. I can see details that I'm not sure I could make out even with glasses.

The benefits of having PRK surgery are numerous. I never have to worry about destroying my glasses during training and during exercise, or my main issue of misplacing them because I hated wearing them. The best part of vision correction surgery is that I no longer have to choose when I want to have good vision. With my active life, I was constantly in situations where glasses were a burden. I would have to opt not to wear them and sacrifice my ability to see clearly.

In the military, I would have to wear glasses under ballistic goggles (which is not very comfortable) or buy prescription eye-protection. They would fog up in the cold and slip off during the summers. I would have to take them off when using my Night Vision or thermal optics on our weapon systems. It was a hassle and reduced my combat effectiveness.

I had similar issues with riding my motorcycle. During workouts, I never wore glasses, so I would always have those awkward moments of not recognizing people from a distance. As a bouncer/security, I no longer have to worry about my glasses, and can see an altercation BEFORE it escalates. The benefits of surgery are endless.

As a private company, Magill Vision Center was very military/veteran friendly. While I didn't join the service to get special treatment, it is always nice to see businesses that appreciate the sacrifices of our service members (especially during war-time). I can't say enough how grateful I am for their efforts.”

-Jeremy Thomson, PRK patient


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