LASIK Testimonial

“My head never felt this light until I had LASIK eye surgery. The picture is much clearer now that I no longer have to wear those ‘sweat magnets,’ otherwise known as glasses! Each morning, I take time out just to reflect on the clarity of the stars and the moon just before the sun comes out.

Before surgery, I would keep my focus to the ground. Now I look up and my walk is taller!  I am beginning to react faster to the basketball and I’m more eager to join in on other athletic sports. I can barely wait until fishing season!

Dr. Waring and his crew told me all about the procedures and made me feel confident in them. By following my first instinct (just do it), I can now enjoy the benefits of owning my very first vehicle. I am very thankful for the skills of Dr. Waring and his team. I highly encourage anyone else who is suffering from bad eyes to get your 20/20 vision today!”

-Damiene Green, LASIK patient


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