Vision Correction FAQ

Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding LASIK and vision correction procedures. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Magill Vision Center by calling 843-216-2020.

1. What do I need to take care of before my procedure?

You should make the following preparation before coming in for surgery at Magill Vision Center:

  • Plan on being at Magill Vision Center for about 2 hours.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. (You will NOT be allowed to drive yourself home.)
  • If you wear contact lenses, you will need to remove them prior to your diagnostic exam and procedure to ensure your corneas return to their natural shape:
    • Stop wearing your SOFT contact lenses at least 7 days, before both the diagnostic examination and the procedure
    • Stop wearing your HARD or GAS PERMEABLE contact lenses a minimum of 4 weeks before both the diagnostic examination and the procedure

2. What happens on the day of my procedure?

Our staff and physicians will take extra special care of you during your procedure and make you feel right at home. Before your procedure begins:

  • You will be placed in a stable but comfortable position.
  • The area around your eye will be cleaned with an iodine solution.
  • Your eyes will be numbed with drops to ensure your comfort.
  • Your eye will be positioned under the laser.
  • An instrument called an eyelid speculum will be used to hold your eye open and prevent you from blinking.
  • Your other eye will be covered or lightly taped to keep it closed.

During the procedure, you should expect the following steps:

  • A ring will be placed on your eye and there will be a brief period during which you will not be able to see.
  • Your doctor will create a flap on the surface of your cornea.
  • It will take only a few seconds to treat the inner cornea with the laser.
  • You may notice a slight odor as the laser reshapes the cornea. This is normal.
  • Your doctor will return the flap to its normal position.

3. After the surgery is over, what happens before I go home?

  • Your doctor will observe your eye to ensure that the flap has adhered properly.
  • You will move to a post-procedure area for about 20 minutes to rest, giving the flap time to settle and begin the healing process.
  • Your doctor will check the flap again before you leave.
  • You will receive eye drops and a clear plastic eye shield to use during the recovery period.

4. What follow-up appointments will I need to put on my schedule?

You will need to attend several appointments following your surgery to ensure that you are healing properly and everything is as expected. These follow up appointments should be scheduled:

  • The day after surgery
  • 10 days after surgery
  • 2 months after surgery
  • 6 months after surgery

5. What should I do when I get back home?

Once you are at home, you’ll want to:

  • Take a nap to encourage healing.
  • Use the eye drops according to schedule.
  • Wear the shield over the eye at night for one week to prevent you from inadvertently rubbing your eye during sleep.
  • Keep your follow-up appointments!
  • Begin noticing and enjoying your improved vision!

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