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Heart & Vascular Team

At the MUSC Heart & Vascular Center, we've assembled an outstanding team of nationally and internationally recognized physicians, as well as a highly specialized group of cardiovascular specialists, nurses, technicians, and vascular surgeons with a wealth of experience in vascular surgery.

Many of our cardiac and vascular surgeons and experts are household names in their fields and subspecialty areas, and patients come to see them from all over the country for treatment, including heart and vascular surgery.

Whether a patient needs a blocked artery opened up anywhere in the body, a heart attack prevented or repaired, an arrhythmia cured, or even a heart transplant performed, the world-class staff of MUSC Heart & Vascular Center is uniquely trained, qualified and experienced to provide the highest level of expert care.

In addition to their exceptional ability to treat a patient’s illness, all our physicians and support staff pride themselves in making the well-being and happiness of patients – and family members – a top priority.  The more comfortable, relaxed and informed everyone is, the better the outcome for the patient.

MUSC cardiovascular specialists, as well as our cardiac and vascular surgeons, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and also collaborate with community-based primary care physicians to provide patients with world-class heart care (including vascular surgery) close to home.

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