MUSC Heart & Vascular Center

Heart and Vascular Center

Board of Directors

The following individuals have dedicated a significant amount of their time to ensure that the mission of the MUSC Heart & Vascular Center is fulfilled. They are a crucial part of the Center's livelihood. Our success in addressing the problem of heart and vascular disease in South Carolina would not be possible without their support.

MUSC Heart & Vascular Board of Directors

Dr. Antoine C. Harovas
The Honorable Lawrence E. Richter, Jr.
Mr. James M. Ramich
Mr. Calvin H. East
Mr. James H. Moshovitis
Mr. W. Brantley Harvey, Jr.
Mr. Norman J. Arnold
Dr. E. Conyers O'Bryan, Jr.
Mr. Robert D. Lurie
Ms. Harriet B. Daughtridge
Mr. Dennis F. Holt
Mrs. Beverly D. Seinsheimer
Mr. J. Carroll Rushing, Sr.
Mr. Robert J. Sywolski
Mr. Roger G. Ackerman
Mr. Michael Laughlin
Mr. David L. Cohen
Mrs. Sally Foster
Mr. Earl D. Hewlette, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A Nipper
Mr. J.G. Richards Roddey
Mr. Benedict T. Marino
Mr. Aubrey J. Wooddy, Jr.
Mr. Robert H. Rice, Sr.
Mr. Paul B. Galvani
Mrs. Julie K. Peabody
Mrs. Jill S. Chalsty
Mr. Henry H. Greer
Mr. Ted Levin
Mrs. Wendy C.H. Wellin


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