MUSC Heart & Vascular Center

Heart and Vascular Center

VAD Medical Team

Advanced Heart Failure Cardiologists:

Meredith Brisco, M.D., MSCE
Heart Failure/Transplant Cardiologist

Michael Craig, M.D.
Medical Director, Heart Failure Program

Jennifer Cook, M.D.
Medical Director, VAD Program

Adrian B. Van Bakel, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director, Cardiac Transplant Program

Advanced Heart Failure Surgeon:

J. Matthew Toole, M.D.
Surgical Director, Cardiac Transplant/VAD Program

VAD Nurse Practitioner:

Dawn Heyward

Dawn Heyward, MSN, ANP-C
Clinical Research Interests:
Advanced heart failure therapies, post-partum cardiomyopathies, heart disease in African American population

VAD Coordinators:

Anthony Hale

Anthony Hale, BSN, RN
Clinical/Research Interests:
Advanced heart failure therapies, valvular cardiomyopathies, pulmonary hypertension, anticoagulation and VAD therapy, and mechanical circulatory support

Kevin Welch

Kevin Welch, BSN, RN
Clinical/Research Interests:
Advanced heart failure therapies


Tony Shackelford, DHA, CCP, CCT
Tyler Coffey, BSCCP
Heidi Doffing, BSCCP
Ken Ingersoll, BSCCP
Catie Yeager, BSCCP
Mary McCall, BSCCP
Jeff Acsell, MSCCP
Alicia Sievert, MSCCP
Dafne Chianella, MSCCP

VAD Social Worker:

Nancy Holbach, LMSW

VAD Nutritionist:

Melissa Macher, RD, LD


Walter Uber, PharmD
Holly Meadows, PharmD


You may request an appointment online or to speak with one of our advanced heart failure cardiologists, call 843-792-1952 and request an advanced heart failure appointment.


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