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The Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) Heart and Vascular Center offers treatment options for patients with advanced heart failure.  In the past the only option for those suffering with advanced heart failure was hospice care or a heart transplant.  Due to limited availability of organs, heart pumps called ventricular assist devices (VAD) were created.  In 2009, the FDA approved VADs for long term cardiac support where the patient can return to normal activities at home.  A VAD is a heart pump that is surgically implanted that takes over much of the work for a sick heart.  The MUSC Heart and Vascular Center is recognized as a leader in the management of patients with advanced heart failure.  We use mechanical circulatory support to treat those suffering from severe congestive heart failure.

VADs are offered for the following reasons.  First, patients who are transplant candidates and are too sick to wait for a heart can receive a VAD as a bridge to transplant. Other patients who do not qualify for heart transplantation can receive a VAD as destination therapy, meaning they live with the VAD for the rest of their life.

MUSC Difference

The multi-disciplinary team at MUSC understands heart failure.  This goes beyond the symptoms, medications and state of the art surgical therapy. 


You may request an appointment online or to speak with one of our advanced heart failure cardiologists, call 843-792-1952 and request an advanced heart failure appointment.


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