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Organ Donation

The stories told in family portraits, reunions and plans for the future begin long before transplantation. They start with solid organ and blood/marrow donation. While great strides have already been made to encourage giving the “gift of life,” there is more work to be done. Right now, thousands of patients nationwide are waiting for life-saving transplantation. That’s why it’s important for physicians, community groups and businesses to become active partners in grassroots efforts to promote donation awareness.

Many people understand the critical need for donation and have signed a donor card. Unfortunately, they do not realize that they still need to share their decision to be a donor with their family. The MUSC Transplant Center is available to educate and provide materials to create and promote greater donor awareness in South Carolina.

Additional organizations working collaboratively with the MUSC Transplant Center:
• MUSC Transplant Center – Trust Fund
American Red Cross
National Blood and Marrow Registry
United Network of Organ Sharing – UNOS
Donate Life South Carolina

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