Finance Administrative Policies and Procedures
Section: 4- Grants and Contracts Accounting
Policy Procedure: 4-1.03
Subject: Establishing a UDAK to Capture Cost Sharing Expenditures
Effective Date: 4/8/1999
Responsible Department: Grants and Contracts Accounting


Cost Share UDAKs are non-sponsored UDAKs that are established to capture cost sharing or matching expenditures incurred by the University for the benefit of Sponsored Projects. This procedure describes the steps for establishing separate Cost Share UDAKs for mandatory cost sharing (the Sponsored Agreement requires that the University participate to some extent in the total cost of the project) and voluntary committed cost sharing (the University has voluntarily included cost sharing that is quantified in the research proposal and/or proposal budget even though the sponsor does not require cost sharing).

General Guidelines

Cost sharing or matching represents the use of institutional funds to supplement project costs not borne by the sponsoring agency. Identification and documentation requirements for cost sharing/matching at MUSC are found in Procedure 4-3.05: Determining Cost Sharing Requirements for a Sponsored Agreement.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) ensures identification of the University's cost sharing obligations during the proposal, negotiation, and award process and identifies the obligation and amount on the Grant and Contract Acceptance Form.

The department must fund cost sharing obligations from non-sponsored University funds. The Departmental Business Manager is responsible for requesting transfers of revenues and budgets in the accounting system to fund the Cost Share UDAK. The transfer request may be directed via e-mail to the GCA Accountant or to Controller.

Questions regarding establishment of Cost Share UDAKs should be addressed to the appropriate Grants and Contracts Accounting Accountant based on departmental assignment (see Distribution of Grants by Administrator) or at 792-2850.

Procedures1. ORSP notifies GCA that a Sponsored Award contains cost sharing or matching obligations. Upon receiving such notification, GCA requests via e-mail that the Departmental Business Manager establish a Cost Share UDAK.

2. The Departmental Business Manager or his/her staff initiates a Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request (CAMR) Form in accordance with Procedure 1-2.02: Establishing a New UDAK. The specific Sponsored Project UDAK number must be indicated on the CAMR in the Project Title, e.g., "COST SHARE FOR MUCR-[Unit]-[Project]-[Reporting]". The Cost Share UDAK must be coded with a fund source code of 13 if the source of the cost share funding is State Appropriations.

3. The department submits the completed CAMR online to Controller for processing.

4. Controller notifies the departmental requestor via e-mail that the UDAK is established in the accounting system and expenditures may be initiated. The department then notifies GCA.


Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request (CAMR) for Cost Share (Non-Sponsored) UDAK

Blank Form

Sample Form