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Vision is a gift that is all too often taken for granted. While witnessing a smile, reading a book or even driving across town may seem minor to most, to a patient suffering with glaucoma-related visual impairment it is a precious gift that is cherished most during the time of its greatest loss.

Glaucoma, known as the "sneak thief of sight", is one of the culprits robbing millions worldwide of the ability to see clearly. As one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the United States, glaucoma occurs when the liquid that is naturally produced in the eye does not drain properly, causing damage to the optic nerve. Without pain or other initial symptoms, patients are often unaware that they have this serious condition or the importance of early intervention through glaucoma treatment options in the prevention of blindness.

With early detection and treatment, precious sight can be saved. Using an aggressive approach to glaucoma research, diagnosis and treatment, Albert Florens Storm Eye Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina remains at the forefront for providing innovative glaucoma services in a patient-centered environment. Our board-certified team of providers, led by David A. Lee, MD, strives to identify new, less invasive alternatives for our patients while leading the charge to successfully address glaucoma-related vision problems in patients throughout the world.

In America, approximately three million people are living with glaucoma, and half don't know they have it. With early detection, expert care through glaucoma treatment options, new drugs and surgical technologies, glaucoma-induced blindness can be prevented.

Glaucoma can occur in people of all ages, but is most common in people over 60 years old. African Americans over 40, people who are diabetic, extremely nearsighted, or those with a family history of the disease are at an increased risk as well and should receive regular screenings to ensure continued eye health. Glaucoma is a chronic disease that cannot yet be cured, but can be controlled through glaucoma treatment options, including glaucoma surgery.

If you, or someone you know, is at risk for glaucoma or has already been diagnosed and need treatment, contact Storm Eye Institute at 843-792-8100 or toll-free at 800-894-3513.

Doctors offering glaucoma services

Matthew Nutaitis, M.D.

Charles Proctor, M.D.


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