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Cochlear Implant Program

Cochlear Implant DiagramMUSC offers comprehensive cochlear implant services for children and adults, including auditory-verbal training through its Cochlear Implant Center, directed by Dr. Ted Meyer.

All patients — especially children — referred for a cochlear implant are seen in a multidisciplinary setting. After a complete audiological evaluation, each patient has a complete medical evaluation and CAT scan or an MRI scan to determine whether he or she is an appropriate candidate. Cochlear implants are recommended for patients who received limited benefit from appropriately fitted hearing aids, and those patients who have severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

Children who benefit most from cochlear implants:

  • have been deaf for a short period of time
  • should be in a good auditory-oral training program
  • have families who are strongly committed to the training process

* The goal for children with a cochlear implant system is to help them learn to listen and speak.

Adults who benefit most from cochlear implants:

  • have been deaf for a short time
  • have already developed spoken language
  • are motivated to listen again and to receive the most benefits from the cochlear implant

*Post-lingually deafened adults usually understand an average of 85 percent of simple sentences without lip reading with the cochlear implant system.

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Technology & Resources

Surgeons in the Cochlear Implant Program use the latest equipment for clinical care. The 11-station Temporal Bone Laboratory is used to train residents and practicing otolaryngologists (Ear, Nose & Throat specialists) in the latest techniques of surgical otology including cochlear implantation.

In the process of providing the best possible patient care, the Cochlear Implant Program draws from the following resources:

  • Implant Programming Interface – one dedicated to the cochlear implant program
    • Cochlear
    • Advanced Bionics
    • Med El
  • Audiometer – one dedicated to the cochlear implant program
  • Sound Booth – one dedicated to the cochlear implant program
  • Two Implant Programming Rooms

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