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Allergy Treatment

Allergy TestPerhaps nowhere in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat medicine has there been such a resurgence of interest, as in the condition, Allergic Rhinitis. The rising incidence of allergic disease, coupled with the realization of its significant impact on a number of ENT-related disorders has thrust ENT Allergy to the forefront of our specialty.

In addition to The Sinus and Allergy Center at our downtown Rutledge Tower location, we offer comprehensive allergy evaluation and/or testing at all of our satellite locations, including Mount Pleasant and North Charleston. Dr. Mark Hoy serves as Medical Director of the Allergy Division with several other members of the department providing allergy services as well. All staff treating allergy patients are members of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, and have received special training in the evaluation and management of allergic disease.

The Allergy Division closely coordinates with the Division of Rhinology to provide comprehensive diagnostic, medical and surgical management to those patients with inflammatory diseases of the upper aero-digestive tract.

Our Services

  • Prick test screening
  • Intra-dermal dilutional testing
  • Modified quantitative testing utilizing “blended” techniques
  • Serum IgE measurements
  • Traditional injection immunotherapy
  • Sublingual immunotherapy

Our Team

Mark J. Hoy, M.D.


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