MUSC Women's Care

MUSC Women's care

Preparing for the Hospital Visit

What should you take to the hospital for your labor and delivery?

For you:

  • Going-home clothes
  • Warm socks, slippers
  • Robe, nursing or support bra, underpants
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss
  • Deodorant, shampoo, bath soap
  • Comb/brush, hair bands
  • Small amount of money or a credit card for cafeteria, parking, etc.
  • Lollipops/hard candy
  • Lip balm/chapstick
  • Rolling pin/tennis balls (for back support)
  • Oil/lotion for massage
  • Reading material/cards/crosswords/games
  • CDs/CD player
  • Phone numbers for friends and relatives
  • Camera/film/batteries
  • Baby book for footprints
  • Insurance/Medicaid card

For your baby:

  • Going home outfit - sleepers/socks
  • Blanket
  • Car seat (rear-facing)

What should you NOT bring to the hospital?

  • Large amounts of cash
  • Expensive electronics
  • Expensive jewelry; it is best to leave all of your jewelry at home.  It can be constricting during labor and no jewelry is allowed in the operating room.

Where do you park when you get to the hospital?

Parking is available in the Ashley/Rutledge parking garage (158 Ashley Avenue) located between Ashley Avenue and Rutledge Avenue, with entrances from both streets. All parking areas around MUSC are staffed by a Parking Management attendant and patrolled by MUSC Public Safety officers. Handicapped parking spots are available in all MUSC Medical Center lots and garages. If you are unable to walk from the parking lot, your ride can drop you off at the main entrance to the hospital by pulling into the “horseshoe” driveway on Ashley Avenue. A security guard will be available to take you to Labor and Delivery while your ride parks the car.

Where do you go when you get to the hospital?

The admissions office is located on the first floor of the hospital (just inside the main entrance) where you will register.  You will then be taken to Labor and Delivery, which is located on the 5th floor.

Can the delivery be videotaped?

Video cameras are not allowed in the delivery room.

Who can stay in the labor and delivery room with you?

A maximum of two people are allowed in the labor and delivery room with you.  We recommend that young children remain at home until after your delivery.

Who can be with you in the operating room or with you for your C-section?

If you are receiving an epidural or spinal, you generally can have someone accompany you to the OR.  One person is allowed to come into the OR with you after the epidural or spinal has been placed.  If your delivery is emergent or if you need to be put to sleep for your procedure, no one is allowed in the delivery room with you.

Who can stay in the hospital with you after delivery?

Your spouse or significant other can stay.  The number of people in the room should be limited at all times.  This is a time of recovery for you and your baby.  Your children can come for a visit; however, your friends and family should leave their children at home.  No children are allowed to stay overnight because of safety concerns.


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