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Genetic Counseling

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As we learn more about cancer with every passing year, we learn more about how the genes we inherit from our parents can place us at risk for various types of cancer. When cancer is diagnosed, it is important to consider whether family members are at risk, too.

A genetic counselor at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center can help answer these questions. We offer consultations to people in many different situations:

  • Individuals who have cancer
  • Individuals who had cancer but are in remission
  • Individuals with a family member previously diagnosed with cancer
  • The genetic counselor can discuss all the benefits, limitations and risks associated with genetic testing and recommend screening and prevention strategies

For all patients wishing to meet with a genetic counselor, we require a physician or primary care provider (PCP) referral. Interested persons may call 843-792-9300 for more information. Physician referrals for cancer genetic consultation can be made online or by calling MEDULINE at 843-792-2200.


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