MUSC Brain and Spine Tumor Program

brain & spine tumor program

Brain Tumor Surgery Medical Team

The brain and spine tumor medical team at the Medical University of South Carolina specializes in offering programs and designing treatment customized to the needs of our patients.  Learn more about the medical training, fellowships, and board certifications, specialization, locations and more of each of our brain and spine tumor doctors.

Sunil Patel, M.D.  
Bruce Frankel, M.D. 
Stephen P. Kalhorn, M.D.
Istvan Takacs, M.D.  
William Alex Vandergrift, III, M.D.
Abhay K. Varma, M.D.  

Scott M. Lindhorst, M.D. 
David Cachia, M.D., MRCP 

Endocrine Neuro-oncology/Pituitary Clinic
Jyotika Fernandes, M.D.

Radiation Oncology
Joseph Jenrette, M.D.  
David Marshall, M.D.  
Jennifer Harper, M.D.
Anand Sharma, M.D.

Donna Roberts, M.D. 
Maria V. Spampinato, M.D.  
Maria Giselle Matheus, M.D.  

Mark Wagner, M.D.  

Tim Smith, M.D.  
Cynthia Welsh, M.D.  

Physician Assistants
Emmy Dickinson, PA-C
Megan Fulton, PA-C
Patricia Mathias, PA-C
Carly Freilich McDonald, PA-C 
Jared Nix, PA-C
Robert Relic, PA - Neurosurgery

Nurse Practitioner
Holly Gardner, FNP

Nurse Coordinators
Christa Lizzi, RN - Neurosurgery


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