MUSC Genitourinary Cancer Program

genitourinary cancer program

Our Services

Our sophisticated diagnostics and advanced treatments include:

  • Prostascint Scanning - a new type of scanning for prostate cancer using monoclonal antibodies. MUSC pioneered the technology and is one of the nation's most experienced institutions in using this scan.
  • State-of-the-art Radiologic and Cancer Imaging - including a 128 slice CT scanner, 3 Tesla MRI and Pet Imaging
  • Standard Surgeries Performed with Minimally Invasive Access Techniques - Hollings Cancer Center is at the forefront of laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques for surgeries that have previously been done via a full open incision. These minimally invasive techniques improve precision and reduce the surgical impact on patients.
  • Four Types of Prostatectomies - Depending on the patient's individual need, we perform surgery on prostate tumors in four different ways: robotic, perineal, retropubic and laparoscopic. MUSC is the only center in South Carolina that offers all of these options.
  • Robotic Surgeries - Many of our surgeons are trained in the use of the da Vinci Surgical System, a robot that helps to increase surgical precision.
  • Targeted Tumor Ablation - Among the latest techniques to kill tumors in their current location and preserve surrounding tissue, we use cryotherapy, radio frequency ablation and brachytherapy.
  • Cryotherapy - the use of extremely cold temperatures to freeze kidney and prostate tumors
  • Brachytherapy - implanting radioactive seeds to treat prostate cancer
  • New Drug Therapies - Patients have access to the greatest array of promising new drug options by participating in our clinical trials.

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