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Comprehensive breast care program

Medical Team

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center's Comprehensive Breast Care team works together to treat the physical and emotional needs of each breast cancer patient, providing guidance from diagnosis through treatment and evaluation.  Our South Carolina breast reconstruction surgeons and breast cancer doctors review individual cases every week during Breast Tumor Board Meetings, make recommendations and schedule appointments to accommodate the patient’s comfort and convenience. Each of our breast cancer doctors, breast reconstruction surgeons, and every other member of our team displays this level of thoroughness and patient focus, which is what makes our care unique.

The Comprehensive Breast Care team includes:

Andrea Abbott, M.D.  
David Cole, M.D. 
Nancy DeMore, M.D.  
Mark A. Lockett, M.D. 
Rochelle Ringer, M.D.

Medical Oncology
Frank Brescia, M.D.
Sara B. Giordano, M.D.
Lindsay L. Peterson, M.D.

Radiation Oncology
Joseph Jenrette, M.D. 
Jennifer Harper, M.D.

Breast Imaging/Radiology
Susan Ackerman, M.D.
Abbie Cluver, M.D.
Abid Irshad, M.D.  
Rebecca J. Leddy, M.D.
Madelene Lewis, M.D.
Dag Pavic, M.D.

Plastic Surgery
Milton Armstrong, M.D. 
Kevin Delaney, M.D.
Jason Ulm, M.D.    

John Metcalf, M.D. 
Mary Richardson, M.D.

Survivorship Services
Brenda Toohey, NNP

Breast Cancer Nurse Coordinators
Denise Kepecs, RN
Jennifer Wood, RN

Breast Cancer Patient Navigators
Coretta Magwood
Melanie Slan

Karen Baker, MS

Lymphedema Clinic
Octavia McLeod, PT, MHS, CLT (843-792-0724)


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