Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants

blood & bone marrow transplants

Patient Evaluation

In addition to a thorough physical exam and testing, patients undergo Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing to determine the make-up of their immune system’s cells.  This is necessary to ensure that their cells are compatible with a donor’s cells. If the recipient’s HLA type is different from the donor’s, the recipient’s immune system may see the new bone marrow as foreign and may attack or reject it. Or, the donor’s bone marrow may see the recipient’s as foreign and attack body cells.

Along with HLA typing, bone and marrow transplant patients will undergo the following tests:

  • Bone marrow aspirate & biopsy
  • Echocardiogram
  • Pulmonary function test
  • PET or CT scans
  • Skeletal Survey
  • Lab work
  • Central venous line placement (catheter placement)
  • 24-hour urine collection

Patients will also consult with cardiology, radiation and pulmonary physicians.

Dr. Robert Stuart at Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, SC with a patient

Dr. Robert Stuart


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