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Healthy Living

Whether you are trying to quit smoking, cut back on alcohol, or improve your eating habits for a healthy heart, offers tools and resources to help you achieve your goals!

Interactive Tools & Quizzes
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Interactive Tools & Quizzes

Alcohol Self Test
Worried that you might need to cut back on your alcohol intake? Take this test to see if you have a problem with alcohol.

Related MUSC Services

Seinsheimer Cardiovascular Health Program
This is your one-stop shop for a full range of cardiovascular services including exams, nutrition counseling, weight management, exercise prescription, diabetes management and vascular services, as well as early detection and diagnostic imaging.
MUSC Nutrition Guide
Download this 78-page guide of tips and recipes to learn how to eat better for a healthy heart.
Better nutrition for a healthier you
Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP)
MUSC’s Institute of Psychiatry is one of the nation’s premier facilities for the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse problems.
Health Library
Use this A to Z listing to find out information on a variety of health topics from allergies and asthma to weight management.

Videos & Podcasts

Healthy You Podcast
Changing your lifestyle does make a difference.
Smoking Podcast
Smoking: differences between men and women
MUSC Video Library
Search our video library for information on a variety of health topics presented by MUSC doctors and patients.

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